How long does it take to get new windows?

The prospect of getting double glazed windows installed throws up a lot of questions in many people’s minds. Some will worry about the eventual cost and others will question how long the process will take.

It’s understandable to have reservations, as the process will involve leaving your home temporarily open to the outside world while the windows are fitted.

Those who are looking to eventually sell their home will want to have their windows fitted in a timely and efficient manner, and so timescale is an important factor for many.

Average Price for New Windows

Working out the likely cost of new windows can be a challenge as, in most cases, installation companies need to visit your home before they can provide a realistic quote. There are also lots of contributing factors that can affect the cost, such as the type of glazing, the frame materials, security features, and the complexity of the installation. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t find the answers you need with a little bit of research. To help you find the best deal on your new windows we have put together this guide to the average price for new windows in the UK

What is a Sash Window?

Confused as to what a sash window is or don’t understand the difference between a sash and a normal window. We explain it all in this article! Many people will be familiar with the vertically sliding variety, where one panel is fixed and other slides upwards or downwards. However, there is a style that pre-dates this version, which is referred to as the Yorkshire sash. This